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Tufts is a student-centered research university dedicated to the creation and application of knowledge. We are committed to providing transformative experiences for students and faculty in an inclusive and collaborative environment where creative scholars generate bold ideas, innovate in the face of complex challenges and distinguish themselves as active citizens of the world.

Campaigns at Tufts University

World Veterinary Day 2024
Honor a Cummings School veterinarian for World Veterinary Day.
22 Donors
6 days Left
$1,436 Donated
60 for $60k - WIT Scholarship Challenge
For Tufts University
YOU can help fund next year’s WIT Scholars – make your gift by June 30!
17 Donors
7 days Left
$12,187 Donated
Bruce-Griffey Leadership and Diversity Internship Fund 2024
Honoring the memory of two incredible alumnae by supporting today's students
19 Donors
7 days Left
$1,695 Donated
TUAA First Generation Scholarship 2024
If 100 alumni give by June 30, a scholarship will be awarded next year by the Alumni Association to a first-generation undergraduate student
80 Donors
7 days Left
$4,748 Donated
Support a school, financial aid, ground-breaking research or your #1 team and make a Jumbo difference!
9,030 Donors
$4,008,426 Donated
TFN Young Alumni Scholarship 2024
For Tufts University
TFN Young Alumni are crowdfunding to create a one-year scholarship for a current student pursuing a finance career. Gifts will be matched!
64 Donors
$25,006 Donated
April Giving Student Organization Fundraising
With your help, we can help our six April Giving student organizations reach all their goals.
285 Donors
$3,343 Donated
Help us keep the CJ Saraceno Internship going for another...
In the spirit of CJ, this internship program Tufts students the opportunity to find their own creative voice — and to make a difference.
68 Donors
$12,060 Donated
Tufts Mock Trial Competition Travel Fund
For Tufts University
We want traveling to compete in Mock Trial to be accessible to EVERYBODY, regardless of cost.
48 Donors
$6,075 Donated
Help name the Dr. Walid El-Bermani Advanced Anatomy Lab
Honor Dr. Walid El-Bermani's TUSM legacy and help make the Dr. Walid El-Bermani Advanced Anatomy Lab a reality.
116 Donors
$54,344 Donated
TUPIT: Reentry Support for Formerly Incarcerated Tufts St...
TUPIT: Support for Tufts University’s Incarcerated College Students in Prison and Reentering Society
124 Donors
$28,410 Donated
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